Meet Linda

Linda began her holistic journey with certifications in Quantam Touch Healing, Ama Deus, Quan Yin Healing and Reiki. However, Linda’s true passion is practicing the branch of Energy Kinesiology known as Kinergetics.

Kinergetics is an Australian healing modality that heals the emotional, mental and physical body, using age regression to “empty files” of traumatic experiences from the past that are associated with current physical issues.

R.E.S.E.T. is a specific piece of Kinergetics that relaxes and balances the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), often correcting hearing problems, tinnitus, vision problems and pain.  There truly is a correlation between health and emotions.

Linda’s other favorite tool is the the Asyra. The Asyra is an FDA-approved vibrational assessment and balancing device with a library of over 70,000 digital homeopathics, herbals and pharmaceuticals.  The Asyra detects imbalances in the organs, glands, teeth, skeletal system, meridians and body systems, as well as toxic stressors that the body has stored for years (x-rays, vaccinations, pesticides, radiation, heavy metals like mercury, etc).   It’s surprising to learn that a spider bite from 1970, a current dental filling, or simple detergent has stressed the body and caused health issues.  By balancing the body and removing blocks to it’s innate self-healing ability, amazing strides can be made in the quality of the client’s life.

Linda has also served on the board of EnKA and attended the EnKA conferences. She enjoys learning from and sharing with her EnKA colleagues. Volunteering for the EnKA Board has been a rich experience where she was able to bring her unique skill set to the organization for an empowering and fun experience.

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