Meet Linda and What to Expect

To best serve you, Linda has created a powerful healing modality through years of training, meditation and personal development.  It is a combination of intuition, channeling, Contracts Releasing, Attachment Release and her overflowing “toolbox” of training and certifications as a:

Kinergetics Master, Reiki Master, certifications in Access Consciousness, Bach Flowers, Brain Gym, Applied Physiology, Neuro Energetic Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Advanced Healing Techniques,  RESET TMJ modality, Quantam Touch Healing, Ama Deus Healing, Quan Yin Magnified Healing, Ethics and more.

Linda can also energetically clear your land, property or office building by distance.

Every Energy Session starts with the branch of Energy Kinesiology known as Kinergetics (see Kinergetics page).  Once the overlying stress is addressed by Kinergetics, each session is unique, based on what your (often hidden) needs are.  Linda is well-known for her muscle testing skills, accurate by distance or in-person.  All sessions are safe, non-judgmental and 100% confidential.  During your free discovery text or call, Linda can tell you how many sessions it will take to make a noticeable difference, which format is best for you (phone session or live 3-hour session) and even whether or not she can help you.

Linda also surrogates for your minor child (no permission required), elderly parent, or other adults who give permission.  This means that she works on that other person through you.

Kinergetics is an Australian healing modality that heals the emotional, mental and physical body, using age regression to “empty files” of traumatic experiences from the past that are associated with current physical issues.

R.E.S.E.T. is a specific piece of Kinergetics that relaxes and balances the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), often correcting hearing problems, tinnitus, vision problems and pain.  There truly is a correlation between health and emotions.

Linda also uses intuition and muscle testing to enhance Asyra work. The Asyra is an FDA-approved vibrational assessment and balancing device with a library of over 70,000 digital homeopathics, herbals and pharmaceuticals.  The Asyra detects imbalances in the organs, glands, teeth, skeletal system, meridians and body systems, as well as toxic stressors that the body has stored for years (x-rays, vaccinations, pesticides, radiation, heavy metals like mercury, etc).   It’s surprising to learn that a spider bite from 1970, a current dental filling, or simple detergent has stressed the body and caused health issues.  By balancing the body and removing blocks to it’s innate self-healing ability, amazing strides can be made in the quality of the client’s life.

Some possible side-benefits from this work:  losing weight, healing “untreatable” health issues, freedom from PTSD, freedom from addictions, end to food sensitivities, end to E.D., pain relief, no longer needing daily naps, etc.

Linda has also served on the board of EnKA, the Energy Kinesiology Association.  She now helps conscious businesses leaders and owners to improve their company culture, productivity and bottom line with her vast experience and intuition.  Linda is the “Shaman in Your Pocket,” providing unique advantages to address known and unknown blocks to success.