ASYRA: Vibrational Assessment with Digital Homeopathy


What is the Asyra?

Asyra is a biofeedback device, using digital homeopathy to assess and balance your body.  As you relax and hold its brass handles, the asyra:

* READS AND ASSESSES your organs, glands and systems via resonance vibration.  Depending on your symptoms, it can conducts specific assessments, such as:  * dental  * hormonal  * emotional  * vertebral  * constitutional  * toxic stressors  * food sensitivity  * lyme disturbances * heavy metals * allergies and MANY more.

* DETECTS many disturbances at the vibrational level–before they become symptoms or disease states.

So the client with a disease state doesn’t know that a vaccination disturbance from childhood, pesticide exposure from fruits and vegetables or too many X-rays have caused a burden that has taxed their body for decades, ultimately rendering them weakened.

First Asyra Balance:  $200, including 5 supplements tested
Subsequent Sessions: $175,  ”          ”       ”              “
$1 per additional supplement tested
Energy Work:  $100 per hour
Double Session:  Asyra & Energy Work:  $300 (2 1/2 hours)
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