ASYRA: Vibrational Assessment with Digital Homeopathy


What is the Asyra?

Asyra is a biofeedback device, using digital homeopathy to assess and balance your body.  As you relax and hold its brass handles, the asyra:

* READS AND ASSESSES your organs, glands and systems via resonance vibration.  Depending on your symptoms, it can conducts specific assessments, such as:  * dental  * hormonal  * emotional  * vertebral  * constitutional  * toxic stressors  * food sensitivity  * lyme disturbances * heavy metals * allergies and MANY more.

* DETECTS many disturbances at the vibrational level–before they become symptoms or disease states.

* ADDRESSES chronic diseases like Lyme, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lupus, MS, etc.

* AUTISM: helps to detoxify autistic people and others who tend to need help processing common toxins

So the client with a disease state doesn’t know that a vaccination disturbance from childhood, pesticide exposure from fruits and vegetables or too many X-rays have caused a burden that has taxed their body for decades, ultimately rendering them weakened.

Linda is a well-experienced clinician, having used the Asyra for over 10 years.  Not only has she helped many people with chronic disease states and more common health challenges, she attributes her own dramatic health improvements to this device.  She also has advanced training with the Asyra.

Asyra Balance:   Performed in synergy with energy work
3 hour Transformational sessions, $397 at Ruscombe Mansion Community Wellness Center