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What’s Preventing Me From Healing?

Have you ever wondered what’s REALLY going on in your body? Ever want to “un-do,” or de-toxify from the damaging buildup in your body over time from a modern life? Have you been exposed to X rays, anesthesia, viruses, genetically modified foods, mercury from fillings, cigarettes and/or pharmaceuticals? Have you wondered if you have vitamin deficiencies or mineral malabsorption? Would you like to find out if you’ve inherited your family’s health issues and, if so, prevent them? Ever wonder what might be blocking your body from healing itself (which it is designed to do)?

Then the Asyra would interest you. The Asyra is a cutting-edge device that uses resonance vibration to not only find imbalances, but to deliver the natural remedies to balance them. It helps with all physical and mental health issues including allergies, hormonal issues, organ weaknesses, diabetes, fibromyalgia, digestive issues and depression.

Resonance Analysis devices have been around since the early 1950’s, when Dr. Reinhold Voll discovered that the amount of current that passes through the cellular structure of the organ, gland or system reveals the functional state of the tissues. Clients sit, fully clothed, and hold the 2 brass electrodes of the Asyra in their hands, as their blocks to ideal health are identified, and a remedy is found for each.

Organ weaknesses, quantum physics issues, toxic metal buildups, pesticides, food sensitivities and dental issues are likely to be found. As in all “Energy Medicine,” the Asyra works in layers, addressing the priority stressors at each energetic layer. Most people are average health are considered “well-balanced” after 2 to 10 sessions. With each subsequent visit, a month or so apart, it addresses deeper layers. The Asyra has been an FDA-approved Class II Medical Device since 2003.

Many of my clients have disease states that often aren’t easily handled by traditional medicine. Some examples are Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, cancer, anxiety and depression. The Asyra addresses items that block a person’s ability to heal.

My personal story involves skin cancer and pre-cancerous moles, which persisted for 3 years until I started using the Asyra. It found and balanced many blocks to my body’s ability to heal, including mercury, stress, B-vitamin deficiency, a fatty tissue disturbance from environmental pollutants, protozoa, a Lyme “disturbance,” among other issues. After one Asyra appointment, I had no more skin cancer. For that reason alone, I am very grateful for this amazing device.

I see clients at Ruscombe Mansion by appointment.

What People Are Saying

“I felt SO much better after my session with you! –Kathy Huslage”

Meghan wrote: “I have to give a shout out to Linda Watkins! I have been off all medication for over 3 weeks now and feel amazing! I am waking up earlier than I ever have and more motivated than I have been in a long time. I have only had one minor headache since seeing her! If you have any problems you want to heal and not just hide with medication shoot Linda a message. Holistic is the way to go.”

“It was great working with you too!  I don’t think you realize how awesome you are.  I journaled last night trying to capture everything you said because I wanted to be able to refer back to this wonderful experience again and again.”  Pam P.

“thank you soooooo much for yesterday .I feel almost painfree.You  are wonderful.Ella”

“I been wondering why you gave such a different vibe compared to typical alternative medicine practitioner.” -Y.H.

” Linda Watkins is incredibly interesting and supportive.” -L. D.

” Thank you Linda, you are one of the best healers I know.”  –G. D.

” Linda Watkins:  this lady is amazing at what she does, in her own way. My life and my work is enriched by her example of professionalism and passion for the healing work that she does.” –A. S.

“An awesome experience!  Out of all of the healing modalities I’ve done, this brought me to the highest conciousness, higher than with Reconnective Healing, which I can compare it to, on a higher consciousness level.”  –Little Dear
“I feel like a huge weight is off of me and I have been given back my power. I can’t wait for our next session. It was great meeting you!!”  –Meghan M.
“I am so much better  i thank you so much  you are so talented and a blessing to others :)”.  -Gen D
“Linda Watkins is an amazing healer. She helped me remove old karma that was keeping me stuck in certain areas.”  –Marianna M.
“”Linda, I want to thank for the amazing session that I had with you on Sunday, at the Women’s Expo! It was truly life changing. I feel clearer and more determined to create a life I can LOVE! Kudos to you for the essential work that you do! “–DeBora M. Ricks
Hi Linda! I have to tell you that I can see a marked improvement in my brain/speech connection!! I’ve been doing what you told me .. I’m so relieved!” –Paula Lucas

We were amazed at how accurate you were.”  -S. and C. B.

I recommend Linda to my clients to complement their health. Her dedication is to learn, and do the best she can with each person with honesty and integrity.  I ask honest feed back from my clients, if there is something questionable, I stop referring.  I am picky.  She is the one person who always remains as one of my circle of referral of professionals.

-Mayumi Pachkoski

“ (because of my MS,) I’ve been walking with a cane for 3 years.  (after just one Energy Kinesiology session with Linda,) I started to walk better, without the assistance of a cane, with a better gait, all around my property”. –Renee J.

“Linda Watkins brings an incredible amount of knowledge, intuitive skill, and a vast array of powerful, individualized healing guidance which may be used to travel a new path to a healthier life. I have seen significant improvement in my health and would highly recommend Linda.” –L. C. Smith

Dear Linda,

Loved our session!  Eye floater seems better… how about that? …


I have a surgery date scheduled, but my knee is functioning so well now (after my Asyra balance) that I am not sure I will pursue surgery at this time. -Mark

After my first Asyra balance, I was pleasantly surprised that, every morning, I was waking up with an erection.  This is after spending 4 years with erectile dysfunction, brought on by lupus.  -Rick

Can’t say what my overall feeling of well-being might be attributed to, but if the Asyra is playing any part, I would be eager to continue on to the next level.  M.B.

My first Asyra balance detected a lyme disturbance, so I was glad to be detoxing from it.  A few weeks later, I discovered that my pesky toenail fungus was completely gone!  I’d unsuccessfully treated it on and off for years with expensive doctor’s visits and prescriptions.  Thank you Asyra!  -Linda

Thank you Linda!  My session with you was awesome!  -Paula