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Meet Linda Watkins

Linda “woke up” in 1995, then she left the security of the corporate world and dedicated her life to learning, healing, teaching and uplifting individuals, groups and businesses.

She enhanced her intuition and other natural gifts with 3 years of formal training, followed by 20 years of putting that practice into action.

She’s helped thousands of individuals reach a better quality of life, often with “untreatable” conditions, suicidal tendencies, depression, anxiety, negative patterns, etc. by working in the realm of energy work.

Linda is the “Shaman in Your Pocket,” providing unique advantages to address and overcome known and unknown blocks to success.

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Healthy Living on a Shoestring

100% Free course teaching you how to live a holistic healthy life style without breaking your budget.


Caitlin B

“Linda provides a very informative, yet therapeutic experience. I have come to her during times when I was undergoing stressful, challenging situations in my life and have left feeling calmer and with clarity on how to continue working through these issues.”

L. C. Smith

I was at the lowest point of my life for two years. I had tried everything and thought there was no where else to turn. And then I spent 60 minutes on the phone with Linda. Those 60 minutes were the turning point for me and the only thing that helped. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel from her just speaking to me alone.


“Linda Watkins brings an incredible amount of knowledge, intuitive skill, and a vast array of powerful, individualized healing guidance which may be used to travel a new path to a healthier life. I have seen significant improvement in my health and would highly recommend Linda.”

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