Energy Kinesiology


Kinergetics is a powerful Australian healing modality developed by Philip Rafferty.  For this session, you lie comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed, for a deeply relaxing balance.

TAP INTO YOUR BODY’S INNATE INTELLIGENCE and “empty emotional ‘files’” that your body has stored.  These files block your energy, health and ability to heal itself.  They also cause you to overreact to emotional situations such as abandonment, confusion, insecurity, etc.  If you’ve ever had someone “push your buttons” and make you overreact, consider Kinergetics to be “Removing the Buttons”.

RESTORE the body’s ability to shed toxins and utilize water and nutrients.

ADDRESS YOUR SPECIFIC PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES–candida, allergies, diabetes, acne, arthritis, insomnia, digestive disorders, anxiety, etc..remove the blocks so you can move on.

Check out Philip Rafferty’s youtube video:

$120 per hour by phone or skype