Energy Sessions by Phone

It’s easy!

We arrange an appointment and set up payment by Venmo or PayPal.

I call you at our specified time, and we spend an hour talking.  If you prefer, you don’t have to say much.  I don’t need the details, because I’m working energetically with your subconscious, which knows what’s behind your stress.

This is 100% confidential and there’s NO JUDGMENT WHATSOEVER.  The only time I’d need to ask for help on your behalf is if you tell me you’re suicidal and nobody (your parents, spouse, a doctor, etc.) knows about it.  If you are suicidal and someone knows, no problem!

Transformative results with issues, including but not limited to:

ANXIETY of all types


TEST ANXIETY:  *Bar exam * Boards * Interviews * SAT’s * Presentations * Speeches * Performances
















Done in the privacy of your home by phone or Skype

Many, many happy, satisfied clients!



“I was constipated for 17-18 years and my doctors told me I’d never regain the ability to eliminate without meds and supplements.  After one session, everything’s normal and I’ve stopped the meds and supplements.”  -N.R.


“Linda, you are nothing short of miraculous- healing both mentally and physically! You are my catalyst to self confidence, and even further so to believing I am beautiful (& can now hear it when it’s said to me!) I’m forever grateful and honored to have you in my life. Thank you for generously sharing your love, healing, support, and light!”

Melissa 🖤


“I’m finding myself doing things that I love again.  I don’t know why I stopped in the first place, except that my husband wasn’t into them.  -N.C.


“Emotional pain is difficult to explain. It is even more difficult to go through it. I was at the lowest point of my life for two years. I had tried everything and thought there was no where else to turn. And then I spent 60 minutes on the phone with Linda. Those 60 minutes were the turning point for me and the only thing that helped. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel from her just speaking to me alone. It’s amazing what you will discover about yourself from Linda’s Reiki skills, and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t speak with her sooner. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking help.”  -AML


“I work in a high stress career when I represent brand and company interactions with top tier journalists.  I was entertaining a group of 8 travel writers all weekend with a demanding itinerary and little sleep.  Lack of sleep triggers my anxiety, which manifests in many debilitating physical ways.  Linda was able to tap into me remotely and work through the anxiety so I could focus on my work.  As a result of my relationship with Linda, I now know how to better deal with my anxiety AND rest assured that should I ever fall into crisis, she is available to work wonders.”  -Nichole S.  DC/MD/VA area


“My sessions with Linda have been amazing and transformative from the moment I began to receive them. It allowed me the space to let go, receive, and notice on an even deeper level what is happening in my subconscious, and in my shadows. I feel completely safe to express what’s happening in my life, as the energy she facilitates brings about the openness for healing. I have felt physical results from the work we’ve been doing and I highly recommend her services to other teenagers, or to anyone who feels so called!”  – Giselle Carames


This was an absolutely incredible experience for me.  I had been burdened down with migraines, chronic pain and other physical ailments for about 3 years when my mom recommended I speak with Linda.  A number of doctors had tried a great many medications and physical therapies with no results.  I went through 2 surgeries that left me with nothing but different pains and nerve damage that will never be fixed.  I was skeptical at this point that I could be helped, but my first session was so powerful there was no doubt that this was my answer.  I already felt some relief.  I had a couple more sessions and by the end of it I had life changing results.  A great weight had been lifted off of me, both physically and spiritually.  This was about a year and a half ago, and I have since felt like a different person, finally able to live my life.  I would absolutely recommend Linda’s services to anyone, especially to those who, like me, had reached the end of their rope.  Much love!”  – Andrea Woodward


“My daughter’s session with Linda was amazing! One week before my daughter was to return to her second semester in college, she was diagnosed with Mono. She was in a lot of pain, unable to eat, could barely swallow, and had very low energy. One day after her session with Linda, she was up and about in the house, she could eat normal meals, and the infection in her throat cleared. We remain incredibly grateful and amazed by her speedy recovery. And, thankful for Linda’s expert healing abilities.”     -M


“Linda’s sessions leave me feeling assured and calm, with lasting results.  I also see changes in my physical and mental health.  It feels like a weight is lifting, literally and figuratively.  It gives me strength and confidence.  I notice shifts happening in my life after sessions, and things fall into place.  She’s helped me get into alignment with the person I want to be and the mindset I want to see the world through.  It’s always fun and interesting when Linda intuitively knows something about me.”   -Marie


“Before our sessions I was very anxious and very angry at the world. Every situation I was in gave me anxiety which did not allow me to enjoy myself for the most part. When I was with friends my anxiety caused me to lash out,  out of discomfort and stress which usually hurt my friends. I did not enjoy acting like this but,  I became use to it and didn’t really make it a priority to change at all. My mom set up the appointment and at first I was skeptical to say the least. I didn’t believe that it would change my behavior or who I was but, I was pleasantly surprised after my sessions. During my first session Linda made me aware of why I acted the way I did, she brought up past traumas and experiences that led to my present actions and attitude. I finally began to understand what made me stressed and anxious. She gave me tips and exercises to alleviate my stress and anxiety. After our first sessions I employed these tips and began to see a difference in myself. Normal everyday situations didn’t bring stress to me unlike before. I was able to enjoy myself with my friends and wasn’t so hard on myself. During our second session we focused on my issues with self esteem, I opened up and we found the root of my issues and worries and began to plan how to overcome these issues and change for the better. I feel better spiritually and mentally than I ever have before. I look forward to our future sessions and continuing to change myself for the better.”   -Arrianna B.


“Linda provides a very informative, yet therapeutic experience. I have come to her during times when I was undergoing stressful, challenging situations in my life and have left feeling calmer and with clarity on how to continue working through these issues.
I am fascinated by her practice, as she is really able to hone in on you personally and identify things about you that you may have experienced in as past life or at a young age that are directly affecting the person you are today.
Her insight on natural (and free!) methods of working through issues is invaluable, she has easy fixes that can really help you day-to-day.
I would recommend this experience, as it’s unique and a great way to tune into yourself and learn more about what is going on in your life and why.”  -Caitlin


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