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Meet Linda Watkins

Linda “woke up” in 1995, then she left the security of the corporate world and dedicated her life to learning, healing, teaching and uplifting individuals, groups and businesses.

She enhanced her intuition and other natural gifts with 3 years of formal training, followed by 20 years of putting that practice into action.

She’s helped thousands of individuals reach a better quality of life, often with “untreatable” conditions, suicidal tendencies, depression, anxiety, negative patterns, etc. by working in the realm of energy work.

Linda is the “Shaman in Your Pocket,” providing unique advantages to address and overcome known and unknown blocks to success.

Program Details

Each week of my 6 week Stellar You program will help you to find the powerful you that’s buried deep inside.


Get Grounded

Discover your powerful grounded self
Start each day with more peace
Be more present
Be your own rock


Get Real

Sort the noise from the truth
Your thoughts have power


Get Centered

Understand uncentered vs. centered
Develop a centering practice
Respond vs. React
Sit with it


Get Thoughtful

What would be better?
What would fulfill me?
Validate yourself


Get Choosy

If you had a magic wand…
Dream big
Set goals
Remember your inner child


Get Clear

Know yourself
Eliminate brain fog
Organize your thoughts

FREE Bonus Content

Exclusive perks to this program, some of which only available to founding members like you!

Weekly accountability calls*

specialized guided meditations

Group calls led by Linda for coaching, encouragement, and checking in on progress.

$900 Value! 

Helpful meditations created especially for you to support your journey

$90 Value! 

Individual energy session*


One hour energy session with Linda to help you with your life and help you to implement the Stellar You material.

$100 Value! 

The secrets of an energy healer in your pocket! Weekly self-help techniques to assist you in grounding, relaxation, focus, protection, self confidence, etc.

$300 Value!

General upliftment*

Facebook Community

Throughout the 6 week course, members are included in Linda’s personal daily prayer and meditation ceremony to uplift and benefit them.


Access to our private Facebook group with people just like you! 

*Exclusive to founding members

Stellar You Program Value

Access to the Stellar You Program


weekly accountability calls


specialized guided meditations


Individual energy session


energy hacks


General upliftment


full price: $1990

Stellar You Price: $397


What people say about LindA

Linda Watkins brings an incredible amount of knowledge, intuitive skill, and a vast array of powerful, individualized healing guidance which may be used to travel a new path to a healthier life. I have seen significant improvement in my health and would highly recommend Linda.
L. C. Smith
I thank you for helping me on my journey. You are a blessing.
Linda provides a very informative, yet therapeutic experience. I have come to her during times when I was undergoing stressful, challenging situations in my life and have left feeling calmer and with clarity on how to continue working through these issues.
Caitlin B
You do amazing work Linda! My day turned around after our session. Also I now have many options, where I had been stuck before.
Emotional pain is difficult to explain. It is even more difficult to go through it. I was at the lowest point of my life for two years. I had tried everything and thought there was no where else to turn. And then I spent 60 minutes on the phone with Linda. Those 60 minutes were the turning point for me and the only thing that helped. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel from her just speaking to me alone.

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