This (remote energy session) has been the best gift that anyone has ever given to me.  –Laura E.

I am not sure how to sum it all up but somehow the real Vicky is emerging again —Vicky C.

Linda (Watkins) is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  So many great changes are happening.  -Deb E.

This (Energy Work) is so much better than decades of psychotherapy!  -Jane C.

I recommend Linda to my clients to complement their health. Her dedication is to learn, and do the best she can with each person with honesty and integrity.  I ask honest feed back from my clients, if there is something questionable, I stop referring.  I am picky.  She is the one person who always remains as one of my circle of referral of professionals.

-Mayumi Pachkoski

“ (because of my MS,) I’ve been walking with a cane for 3 years.  (after just one Energy Kinesiology session with Linda,) I started to walk better, without the assistance of a cane, with a better gait, all around my property”. –Renee J.

“Linda Watkins brings an incredible amount of knowledge, intuitive skill, and a vast array of powerful, individualized healing guidance which may be used to travel a new path to a healthier life. I have seen significant improvement in my health and would highly recommend Linda.” –L. C. Smith

Dear Linda,

Loved our session!  Eye floater seems better… how about that? …


I have a surgery date scheduled, but my knee is functioning so well now (after my Asyra balance) that I am not sure I will pursue surgery at this time. -Mark

After my first Asyra balance, I was pleasantly surprised that, every morning, I was waking up with an erection.  This is after spending 4 years with erectile dysfunction, brought on by lupus.  -Rick

Can’t say what my overall feeling of well-being might be attributed to, but if the Asyra is playing any part, I would be eager to continue on to the next level.  M.B.

My first Asyra balance detected a lyme disturbance, so I was glad to be detoxing from it.  A few weeks later, I discovered that my pesky toenail fungus was completely gone!  I’d unsuccessfully treated it on and off for years with expensive doctor’s visits and prescriptions.  Thank you Asyra!  -Linda

Thank you Linda!  My session with you was awesome!  -Paula


If you have a testimonial, please add it below in the comment box. Thank you.

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