Coaching: “Get Your Life Back” program of 10 Sessions


Imagine a coach, mentor, intuitive and therapist with superpowers! 

The power of astute listening (and not just to your words), the power of intuition, the power to communicate with your subconscious mind–and that’s the part that runs your life.  The courage to walk with you through your swamp, your muck, and the truth that’s not easy or pretty.  The unconditional love to hold you in the highest regard, as you are honored for your innocence, your ingenuity, and your perfection that you’d forgotten.  The celebration of your worthiness, your dreams and your BEING.

Imagine understanding your deepest issues, sabotaging patterns, and the places where it all started.  Empowered with that knowledge, having the power to choose–“Do I keep this, hold on to it and protect it?  Or do I let go of it forever and trust that the better life is something I deserve, the better life that is my birthright–no matter what I’ve been told or how I’ve been treated?”

Honor yourself by journeying with a master healer, who safely uncovers the truth, “sniffs out” the real issue.   A grateful client said it best:  “Linda Watkins is like a bloodhound–and I love bloodhounds!”  -S.M.

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When you know, at your core, that you are DONE with the way things are, the way things have been AND that you deserve something better, that’s the time to move on this offer.

10 phone sessions (The first is 2 hours, subsequent sessions 1 hour to 75 minutes), weekly or bi-weekly, for $3999 or 6 weekly payments of $699.