Transformational sessions are deeply cathartic and revitalizing experiences.  We begin with a 90-minute Asyra assessment with correcting homeopathics (up to 100 per session), where we detoxify, support, and open your body to its fundamental ability to heal itself.  You’ll sit, fully clothed, and hold 2 brass handles, while the Asyra sends a signal into one hand and out the other.  It measures the resonance vibrations of your organs, glands and systems. As it assesses, it provides a 3-6 week dose for up to 100 remedies.

Part I:  Asyra Vibrational Assessment Device with Digital Homeopathy

The Asyra finds and balances blocks to your body’s ability to heal itself, like

  • toxins of all kinds (mercury, lead, radiation, vaccination preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.)
  • organ weaknesses and stresses
  • food intolerances
  • dental disturbances
  • quantum physics
  • allergies
  • specific profiles for the heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, etc, examining the anatomy & functions of each
  • emotional issues

For each imbalance found, a correcting remedy is provided–up to 100 per session

Part II of the Transformational Session

Now that we’re in synch and your body has received a deep healing by the Asyra, we take a short break and move to the massage table for Energy Work.  We are led by your subconscious mind, which is like your biocomputer, knowing exactly what you’re ready to release, and what is most important to address.

The 2nd 90 minutes, we conduct a combination of several modalities deemed best for you on your day:

Energy Kinesiology

* opens and empties emotional “files” that have often wreaked havoc and recurred over & over (ex: furious, guilty, helpless)

*  takes the “charge” off these emotions that have disempowered you, caused you to overreact and/or created health issues.  These places are where people have been able to “push your buttons”

*  FREEDOM to continue an empowered life as though these files were never filled–and to respond with new perspective

Contracts Release

*  We intuitively hear a contract that you’ve made, usually to keep the peace or protect someone, that’s no longer serving you.  We re-write it and make it your new reality, with the help of Spirit (ex: “I’m going to sleep very lightly so I’ll hear the baby if her breathing changes.”  When this baby is 20 years old and you still can’t sleep, we can change it to: “It is 100% safe and preferred to sleep deeply and awaken refreshed.”)

Attachments Release

*  We energetically send attachments to The Light

Conversations with your Inner Child/Wounded Self

*  We may have a conversation to uplift or hear information from your Inner Child or Wounded Self, who could be “in charge.”  When they are running the show, they are doing their best, but are generally coming from a place of defensiveness and powerlessness.

Channeling a loved one who has passed, or spirit guide

*  It is not unusual for a loved one to come through with a message in a session

*  A spirit guide may show themselves and/or deliver a message or introduce themselves

Hands-On Modality

You may benefit from support from a hands-on modality–always non-invasive and you’re fully clothed, unless you’d like to remove your shoes

ex:  Reiki, Touch for Health, Access Consciousness, Aura Massage, Ama Deus healing, Quan Yin Magnified Healing, etc.

Lesson on Meditation or Using a Pendulum

Using a pendulum to determine which supplements you need each day and answers to other yes-and-no questions is a valuable tool, and we can teach you how it’s done

You may even request a personal meditation lesson during your Transformational Session


$397 for this 3-hour session