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By appointment
“Get Your Life Back!”–a 3-Hour Session of Transformation
mornings, afternoons or evenings
Join Stellar Health’s Linda Watkins, Certified Energy Kinesiologist,
One-on One FOR $397
Your session will be customized specifically for your life, and will be an appropriate and powerful combination of:
* Energy Kinesiology    * Asyra digital homeopathy
* Contracts Release   * Attachments Release
* Reiki   * Ama Deus Healing  * TMJ correction
* Access Bars “Energetic FaceLift”  * Intuitive Channeling
* Personal instruction in using a pendulum for choosing supplements & making decisions
YOUR BODY’S INNATE INTELLIGENCE WILL CHOOSE WHAT YOU NEED MOST via muscle testing–there will be no guesswork on my part; I will only be the conduit for your body’s communication.

Thank you!  I hope you’ll  register.  We can schedule your session for Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sundays — $397


Healthy Living on a Shoestring

Saturday, 8/22/2020 @ 10:30-12:00 EDT (GMT – 4)

Learn insider secrets of an alternative health care professional–improve your health without breaking the bank:  food, sleep, mindset, avoiding toxins and much more!

free of charge, Zoom

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Hands-On Techniques for Self-Support
next class to be announced
Hill House at Ruscombe Mansion
4801 Yellowwood Ave, Baltimore 21209
                               Join Linda Watkins, Energy Kinesiologist, for this interactive class. Use your own hands to stimulate acupuncture points, meridians, organs or brain points to relieve stress, increase hydration, release neck tension and jet lag, provide an emotional “shield,” and more!
                       Learn some basics about the powerful field of Energy Kinesiology, its history and benefits.
I hope you join us for this popular class!

Speaking Events: 

IGTV Interview by Eric Bigger:  Law of Attraction

Sunday, June 14, 2020 @ noon CDT, 3:00 EDT

(see replay on cover page)

20th Century Radio Interview by Zohara Hieronomous

Sunday, May 24, 2020 @ 9:00 PM

(see replay on Youtube Channel: Stellar Health Secrets)

How to Use a Pendulum & Intro to Self-Muscle Testing
next class:  TBA
Learn to use a pendulum for “yes or no” answers, like:
  • * Best supplements for your ideal health
  • * Major decisions
  • * Helpful or harmful foods
  • * Learn how to find lost objects and balance your chakras
  • * Experience 4 ways to self-muscle test for answers “on the go”—while shopping, etc.
This class serves to either introduce you to using a pendulum, or hone the accuracy of your pendulum practice. 
Bring a pendulum or buy one at the class.  Bring your self-confidence, I’ve taught this class many times and each student has been able to make their pendulum “talk”, or give accurate answers.
Facilitated by :Linda Watkins
Contact: P-443 243-3293  E- lindawatkins3@yahoo.com   
Registration is required one day prior.  LindaWatkins3@yahoo.com  443-243-3293
Personal Pendulum Party:   get 6+ people together and I’ll come to you if you’re local!  It’s fun.