Welcome to Stellar Health

Energy Sessions by phone

Transformational (3-hour Asyra and Energy sessions) at

Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center

 4801 Yellowwood Ave., Baltimore, MD 21209

Skype:  lindawatkins33

At Stellar Health, we take the holistic approach. We believe that health, vitality and wellness are attainable goals, reached through emotional and spiritual release.

Are you frustrated with traditional medicine and/or tired of taking drugs? 

Then you’ve come to the right place!

The reason your health problems are persisting usually isn’t what you think it is.   Living in the U.S. in the 21st century has subjected your body to tenacious toxins that stay in your body!  We approach the health of the client with a “toolbox” of techniques and modalities to detect the blocks to their self-healing–the body is designed to heal itself— and remove those blocks.  Our most popular modalities are the Asyra and an Australian energy kinesiology modality called Kinergetics.

What is the Asyra?

Asyra is the only device of its nature whose both software and hardware are FDA-approved.  As you relax and hold its brass handles, the asyra:

* READS AND ASSESSES your organs, glands and systems via resonance vibration.  Depending on your symptoms, it can conducts specific assessments, such as:  * dental  * hormonal  * emotional  * vertebral  * constitutional  * toxic stressors  * food sensitivity  * allergies and MANY more.

* BALANCES the most problematic imbalances (up to 100 per visit) with several of over 70,000 homeopathics, Bach flower essences and herbal remedies.  Imbalances could be heavy metal burdens, organ weaknesses, insomnia, vaccination disturbances, emotional issues, etc.

* DETECTS many disturbances at the vibrational level–before they become symptoms or disease states.

*ADDRESSES priority stressors at each visit.  All energy work works in layers, like the layers of an onion.  Your second visit will find different issues than your first visit did.

So the client with a disease state doesn’t know that a vaccination disturbance from childhood, pesticide exposure from fruits and vegetables or too many X-rays have caused a burden that has taxed their body for decades, ultimately rendering them weakened.  The Asyra works on this deep level of healing to allow the body to regain its health.  This is the advantage of the Asyra!

There’s an excellent physics video on www.asyra.com that explains how this works.  Click on “videos,” then “physics.”

What is Kinergetics?

 Kinergetics is a powerful Australian healing modality developed by Philip Rafferty.  For this session, you lie comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed, for a deeply relaxing balance.

TAP INTO YOUR BODY’S INNATE INTELLIGENCE and “empty emotional ‘files'” that your body has stored.  These files block your energy, health and ability to heal itself.  They also cause you to overreact to emotional situations such as abandonment, confusion, insecurity, etc.  If you’ve ever had someone “push your buttons” and make you overreact, consider Kinergetics to be “Removing the Buttons”.

RESTORE the body’s ability to shed toxins and utilize water and nutrients.

ADDRESS YOUR SPECIFIC PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL CHALLENGES–candida, allergies, diabetes, acne, arthritis, insomnia, digestive disorders, anxiety, etc..remove the blocks so you can move on.

CLICK HERE to check out Philip Rafferty’s youtube video.


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