I’ve been delving deep in the healing arts for about nine years. And I have never seen anybody who can body scan, muscle test with the precision and accuracy of Linda.. Muscle testing is a important skill but what Linda does with this technique is far beyond what some of the best practitioners in this field can do. This is only one of many mastered skill sets that she holds. I would highly recommend anyone to schedule a session with Linda. You will walk out of your sessions with your eyes wide open feeling better, with insights as to how to live a better life. -Loren Duffey, founder of Karma Hubb

I felt like you were gathering data in a systematic way, and processing it with very little attachment  –D.M.

This (remote energy session) has been the best gift that anyone has ever given to me.  –Laura E.

I am not sure how to sum it all up but somehow the real Vicky is emerging again —Vicky C.

What I’ve noticed since our session is not being triggered by things that normally would trigger me. I also, overall, felt a great deal lighter. –Jen
FYI:  on my one week post op Dr. Appointment for my knee (surgery), he said I was at the recovery stage of a 6 week post op…I’ve hardly had any pain.

Linda (Watkins) is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  So many great changes are happening.  -Deb E.

This (Energy Work) is so much better than decades of psychotherapy!  -Jane C.

I call her “Linda-Baba.”  I’m no longer bound.  There’s more freedom in my life.  Past life stuff I came in with are gone.  I no longer need to be taken care of.  My wife no longer feels that pressure.  With each session, openings are created.  -DSC

I recommend Linda to my clients to complement their health. Her dedication is to learn, and do the best she can with each person with honesty and integrity.  I ask honest feed back from my clients, if there is something questionable, I stop referring.  I am picky.  She is the one person who always remains as one of my circle of referral of professionals.  -Mayumi Pachkoski

“ (because of my MS,) I’ve been walking with a cane for 3 years.  (after just one Energy Kinesiology session with Linda,) I started to walk better, without the assistance of a cane, with a better gait, all around my property”. –Renee J.

“Linda Watkins brings an incredible amount of knowledge, intuitive skill, and a vast array of powerful, individualized healing guidance which may be used to travel a new path to a healthier life. I have seen significant improvement in my health and would highly recommend Linda.” –L. C. Smith

Dear Linda,

Loved our session!  Eye floater seems better… how about that? …


I have a surgery date scheduled, but my knee is functioning so well now (after my Asyra balance) that I am not sure I will pursue surgery at this time. -Mark

After my first Asyra balance, I was pleasantly surprised that, every morning, I was waking up with an erection.  This is after spending 4 years with erectile dysfunction, brought on by lupus.  -Rick

Can’t say what my overall feeling of well-being might be attributed to, but if the Asyra is playing any part, I would be eager to continue on to the next level.  M.B.

My first Asyra balance detected a Lyme disturbance, so I was glad to be detoxing from it.  A few weeks later, I discovered that my pesky toenail fungus was completely gone!  I’d unsuccessfully treated it on and off for years with expensive doctor’s visits and prescriptions.  Thank you Asyra!  -Lee

Thank you Linda!  My session with you was awesome!  -Paula

I work in a high stress career when I represent brand and company interactions with top tier journalists.  I was entertaining a group of 8 travel writers all weekend with a demanding itinerary and little sleep.  Lack of sleep triggers my anxiety, which manifests in many debilitating physical ways.  Linda was able to tap into me remotely and work through the anxiety so I could focus on my work.  As a result of my relationship with Linda, I now know how to better deal with my anxiety AND rest assured that should I ever fall into crisis, she is available to work wonders.  -Nichole S.  DC/MD/VA area — Nicole

Thank you so much for helping my daughter.  We are blessed to have you in our lives.  -W

Thank you so much for all the work on me.  My ankle is so much better, swelling decreased dramatically, and my whole body feels differently.  I am certain I am rid of negative energies and toxins thanks to you!  -M

We are counting you high in our gratitude here at years end.  Thank you for supporting and guiding us through every season.  You are part of why our home is merry this Christmas.  -M, A & W

Thank you for the love, healing and guidance through 2018.  It is a tremendous blessing & honor to work & talk with you!  -M

When I started coming to Linda about a year ago, I was in a very bad place.  I’m SO much better–the depression is gone, my anxiety is to a RARE minimum, I’m learning how to connect more with God spiritually, and learn how powerful I really am.  -KF


see also Anxiety….Sessions page

If you have a testimonial, please add it below in the comment box. Thank you.

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